local MTA Chapter

The Michigan Townships Association is the exclusive legislative and public advocate for Michigan's 1,242 townships and is the foremost source of quality education and information for Michigan's elected and appointed township officials.

The Charlevoix County Chapter meets regularly on the last Monday of the month (the chapter does not meet in May or December). Meetings provide an excellent forum to share ideas about improving and delivering local government services.

The Chapter encourages guest speakers to feature programs on a variety of topics. If you would like more information about the Chapter, suggest a program, or obtain an agenda for an upcoming meeting please contact Robin Berry (Chapter Chairperson) by e-mail at Robin Berry or Marilyn Beebe (Chapter Secretary) by e-mail at Marilyn Beebe.

The March chapter meeting will be held Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Charlevoix Township Hall.  Speakers are:

  • Barb Brooks from the City of Boyne City will present the dog park process, how it worked and now that it is operational what is happening.  She will also share some information about the increased interest in bird watching that is happening.
  • Lyon Stephens will present information about changes that the county is supporting with the 911 program and representation.  

NOTICE:  The MTA Charlevoix County Chapter does not meet in May or December.  

Township Supervisors:
Bay:  Larry Moeschke
Boyne Valley:  Sue Hobbs
Chandler:  Dennis Howard
Charlevoix:  Charles Center
Evangeline:  James Howell
Eveline:  John Vrondran
Hayes:  Ron Vanzee
Hudson:  Terrence Erber
Marion:  John Martin
Melrose:  Vern Goodwin
Norwood:  Frank Hamilton
Peaine:  William Kohls
St. James:  Kathleen McNamara
South Arm:  Robert Christensen
Wilson:  Todd Sorenson

Township clerks:
Bay:  James Vanek
Boyne Valley:  Lynn Sparks
handler:  Myron Matz
Charlevoix:  Sandra Witherspoon
Evangeline:  Evelyn Howell
Eveline:  Sandy Whiteford
Hayes:  Marlene Golovich
Hudson:  Frank Wasylewski
Marion:  Timothy Matchett
Melrose:  Robin Berry
Norwood:  Dana Pajtas
Peaine:  Colleen Martin
St. James:  Jean Wierenga
South Arm:  Kimberly Olstrom
Wilson:  Marilyn Beebe

Township treasurers:
Bay:  Stephen Ritter
Boyne Valley:  Marie Kelenske
handler:  Kathrin Austin
Charlevoix:  Theda Williams
Evangeline:  Jodi Adams
Eveline:  Ron Chapman
Hayes:  W. Robbin Kraft
Hudson:  Linda Reynolds
Marion:  Michael Jarema
Melrose:  Shelley Burr
Norwood:  Lynn Smolenyak
Peaine:  Larry Kubic
St. James:  James Wojan
South Arm:  Michele Malpass-Raymond
Wilson:  Kerry Reinhardt