Events, Activities and Programs

"Silver Screen Movie Club" - New February
The Charlevoix County Commission on Aging in collaboration with the Charlevoix Cinema III and Charlevoix County Transit present "The Silver Screen Movie Club" specifically for our aging community 60 years and older!

Who: Our aging community 60 years and older!
What: Lunch, Transportation, Discounted Movie Ticket and Refreshments
Where: Charlevoix Cinema III, Charlevoix
Why: Because it's FUN!
When: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month!

Purchase lunch at your local Charlevoix County Senior Center and get a Silver Screen Movie Club Ticket for that day.  This allow you to purchase a movie ticket at the cinema for $4.00 and will include a small bag of popcorn and a small drink.  You will have a choice of any of the movies curently being shown at the Charlevoix Cinema III on that day at 2p.  Charlevoix County Transit will provide rides to Charlevoix Cinema II from your senior center and then after the movie back to your senior center for Free.

All of our aging community is invited to attend the movies that day, so if you choose not to have lunch with us or are just unable to that day, catch a ride from your local senior center or go to the Charlevoix Cinema III on your and your movie ticket is $5.oo.
Silver Screen Movie Club Flyer Link

Travel Club 2018 - Monthly October - September
May Event: A Tour of the Pellston Brave Heart Estate and the State Fish Hatchery in Oden.  Trip date is May 30, 2018 and cost is $2.00.  Space is limited so seniors (60 & over) please sign up at your senior center site.  We will leave the centers at 12:30pm and return in time fot he Wednesday Night Dinner at the Senior Centers.  Please sign up by Friday, May 25, 2018.

April Event:
An evening at the Crooked Tree Arts Theater!  August: Osage County on April 17, 2018 for the 8pm performance.  This will be a 2 hour performance with intermission.  This is a FREE evening of entertaiment for Charlevoix County residents 60 years and older.  You MUST sign up at the Senior Centers by Friday, April 13, 2018 so that we have a ticket count.  Times for Transit will be posted the Monday before the performance.   April Travel Club Flyer Link

March Event:
A Resle Shopping Trip to Petoskey and we will be going to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch.  Travel dates are March 21st, 23rd and 27th.   Space is limited so seniors (60 & over) please check the date for your center and sign up at your senior center site.  We will leave the centers at 9am and return approximately 3-4Pm.  Cost for the trip is $2.00 and your own lunch money.  Please sign up by March 16, 2018. March Travel Club Flyer Link

February Event: It's a Chocolate Tour!  The February COA Travel Club (Seniors 60 years and older) is headed to Petoskey to Kilwin's Chocolate Tours on February 6th, 8th and 15th - Check your local Senior Center for the date that works for you.  Cost will be $3 and will include lunch at the Friendship Center.  There will be time for a brief stop at the Dollar Tree too.  We will leave the centers at 10a returning at 2:30p. 

January Event: 
Let's Go to the Movies! The January COA Travel Club (Seniors 60 years and older) is headed to the movies at the Charlevoix Cinema III on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 2p. There are sign up sheets at each of the Charlevoix County Senior Centers and you need to be signed up by January 26th. Cost will be $4 and will include a small bag of popcorn and a small beverage. Charlevoix County Transit will pick you at at your senior center after lunch between 12:30a and 1:15p (Senior Center site dependent) and take you to and from the movie, returning you back to your senior center.

Travel Club 2017 - Monthly October - September
October Event Flyer
November Event Flyer
December Event Flyer

Veteran's Social and Lunch - Each Senior Center Site Once a Month on a Tuesday
Armed Forces DayIn honor of Veteran's Day and the month of gratitude and remembrance, every Tuesday going forward there will be a collaboration with the Commission on Aging and community sponsors for a Free Charlevoix County Veteran's Social gathering between 9a-11a and a Free Veteran Lunch at 12p at each of our sites on different Tuesdays.  The Veteran’s Affairs representatives have agreed to be available to veteran’s on that day for assistance and questions.  

Charlevoix Transit has agreed to pick up veterans at the sites that are not having the Social and transport the veterans FREE of charge to and from the site hosting the veteran social and lunch that week. 

In the near future, we will be looking to add a veteran specific program at each center on these special days and we will keep you all posted.
The schedule is: 
1st Tuesday - Charlevoix Senior Center
2nd Tuesday - Beaver Island Community Center 
3rd Tuesday - East Jordan Senior Center
4th Tuesday - Boyne Area Senior Center