Community Classroom Project

Community Classroom Project

The Community Classroom Project is the Charlevoix Conservation
District's plan to convert an existing 25'x26' space into a useable 
mulit-purpose classroom facility.  The space will be used by the 
district and its conservation partners to increase educational 
offerings in Charlevoix County, and surrounding areas.  
Project Summary PDF

Total Project Cost:  $31,500
Project Estimate PDF

Amount Raised to date:  $9,000

Contributing Organizations:
Trans Canada ($2,000) 
Charlevoix County Community Foundation ($7,000)

Potential Project Partners:
Lake Charlevoix Association, Charlevoix County Farm Bureau, 
Any interested conservation organizations, or individuals. 

Photos of Existing Space BEFORE:
  20171010_115550   20171010_115652
   (Looking into CRR from our                (Looking towards North Street)
     board meeting room)

  20171010_115719  20171010_120009
    (Looking toward back of the           (Looking toward the enterance
     building)                                        into the main building/board room)

  Current Photos of the Community Room In Progress (October-November 2018):
     11-8-18 pic 5   11-8-18 pic 2   
      (Looking into the CRR room from              (Looking towards North Street - front
        the board meeting room)                            of building)

    11-16-18 Facing Back    11-8-18 pic 4
         (Looking toward the back of the                 (Looking toward the entrance into the  
           building)                                                      main building/board meeting room)