Future Land Use Plan Update

The Charlevoix County Planning Commission has drafted an update to the County Future Land Use Plan. This plan serves as a guide for County and local government officials as they make decisions regarding land use and development. It is an advisory document only; it does not supersede any township, city or village plan in the county.  State law requires that the plan be reviewed and updated every five (5) years.  To view the draft plan update, please click on the link below:


As part of the planning process, the Planning Commission conducted a survey in the summer of 2015 to determine if the land use goals in the existing plan (adopted in 2009) are still important to citizens today. The results of this survey were used in updating the plan and are available at the link below:


If you have any questions regarding the planning process, please contact:
Charlevoix County Planning Department
Phone: (231) 547-7234
Email: planning@charlevoixcounty.org 

Thank you for your interest in Charlevoix County!