Financial Division

Financial Division Staff and General Information
The Financial Division is comprised of two staff member, Sherry Hunt and LeaAnn Frey. They are responsible for entering court order information into the MiCSES system. This includes the child support charging information, spousal support charging information, medical demands, fees, court costs, etc. They also process payments, process interstate cases, make adjustments to accounts, process name and address changes and assist clients at the window.
Many case specific questions can be answered through the automated voice response system. This system allows clients to access their account information 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Available information includes specific account data such as last payment received, disbursement information and enforcement information. This information is updated daily. The toll free number number is (877) 543-2660. You will need your Social Security Number and the Charlevoix County Code 242 to access this system. You can also access this information through the MiCase system. A link can be found under the More Information and Links tab on our website.

Payments and Arrearages
Most payments are made by payroll deduction and sent by the employer to the MiSDU (Michigan State Disbursement Unit) in Lansing. Clients who are self-employed must send their checks directly to Lansing. You should meet with your caseworker to review the procedure to do this, otherwise your payment could be credited to someone else's account.
Arrearages owing are not discharged after the child turns 18. Enforcement will continue until the arrearage is paid in full.