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Maps and Aerial Photo References

Charlevoix County has listed a number of private and public web site resources for your reference. Please understand that because the County provides a link to these sites, all copyright and licensing agreements either expressed or implied are applicable by those holding such rights. Charlevoix County does not endorse these sources or imply these are the only sources where this information can be obtained. Always confirm the source(s) creating/maintaining the data before using or applying this information. Charlevoix County assumes no liability for the use of this geographic information and does not express any warranties in using this information. If you have any questions please contact the County's GIS Office.

Topographic Map References
Highway/Water Transportation/Navigational Aids
Air Transportation/Navigational References
Aerial Photo References
Political & Census Maps
County Road Map

Topographic Map References

Horton Bay USGS Topographic Map Sample [Click here to view full size picture]

Michigan State Map Store: This link will allow you to acquire any published USGS Topographic Maps series in Michigan. First, start by using a map index to indicate the correct map name using the USGS MapFinder indicating the map name for the area in question). Then reference this map name and the map scale (e.g. 7.5 minute, 30x60 minute, etc). You can also order on-line by using EarthExplorer from the USGS Earth Resources Observation Systems Data Center using the order form provided.

TopoZone: This private web site provides United States Geological Survey Topographic Maps throughout the nation for on-line viewing. Simply type in a city or placename to quickly access maps from a given area. They provide the ability to download free images (please review TopoZone's licensing and use restrictions if you intend to post or resell this information).

Charlevoix County Topographic Profile (677 kb)

Highway/Water Transportation/Navigational Aids

Charlevoix Channel Between Lake Michigan & Round Lake [Click here to view full size picture]

Highway Transportation Maps
Michigan Department of Transportation: MDOT will send you a free State of Michigan Transportation Map!

The Michigan Center for Geographic Information: This site offers an on-line copy of the State Transportation Map you can view and download in Adobe PDF format.

County Road Map: The Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners has released the newly revised 2003 County Road Map. The County provides both a free, on-line version and free paper map available from the Charlevoix County Community Center. Please visit the County Planning Department for more information.

Water Navigation
Great Lakes Navigation Charts
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service: The NOAA/NOS service provides an index to both the Great Lakes and Michigan's Inland Waterway. Use the index to identify the chart you need and then contact a local Nautical Agent:

Beaver Island Area Contact:
25860 MAIN ST
Phone: 231-448-2256

Boyne City Area Contact:
Phone: 231-582-7149

Charlevoix Area Contact:
Phone: 231-547-9967

Phone: 231-547-2371

Other reselling agents can be found by visiting this FAA web site (they provide nautical chart agents throughout the US).
The NOAA Office of Coast Survey: Provides a provisional series, Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) requiring special software (available for free download here) offering a digital means of viewing these charts. These are still in a development stage but will become the future digital standard for guiding waterway navigation.

Inland Lake Navigation/Lake Bottom Contours/Bathymetry

Michigan United Conservation Clubs: Provides over 2,500 inland lake maps to order from, 100's of topographical quad maps, 77 nautical charts and support books. Using an index from the MUCC, you may purchase these directly through this organization.

Mapping Unlimited: This company produces a comprehensive series of inland lake navigational charts and fishing guides for northwest lower Michigan. The publication covering Charlevoix County includes Lake Charlevoix, Little Traverse Bay, Walloon Lake, Deer Lake, Boyne Falls, Thumb Lake, and Susan Lake (about $12-$14). They also publish navigation references for the Inland Waterway, Antrim County Chain of Lakes, and Grand Traverse Bay/County area. These publications are available for purchase at bookstores in Charlevoix and Petoskey. You may also write or call for an order form/pricing list at the following address:
Mapping Unlimited
6235 Crystal Springs Road
Bellaire, MI 49615
(231) 377-6787
Published by Butch Bartz

Air Transportation/Navigational References

Boyne City Airport - Runway 9 Approach [Click here to view full size picture]

Michigan Department of Transporation, Aeronautics: Provides a directory of every airport in the state of Michigan. Charlevoix County has six airports and runway/approach diagrams are provided for download below (provided by MDOT). In addition, the site provides a listing of all Fixed Base Operators (companies providing transportation services from each airport) for your reference. State Aeronautics also publishes an annual, statewide aeronautical chart available for order from the agency's web site.

National Aviation Administration, National Aeronautical Charting Office: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO), publishes and distributes United States government civil aeronautical charts and flight information publications. Public sales of these charts and publications are through a network of Chart Agents conveniently located at or near principal civil airports. Agents who sell charts and publications of foreign areas are so indicated in the listing. Because FAA publishes a wide variety of items, not all will be readily available locally. Your local agent may place a special order for you or you may order directly from the FAA.

USE OF OBSOLETE CHARTS OR PUBLICATIONS FOR NAVIGATION MAY BE DANGEROUS. Aeronautical information changes rapidly, and it is vitally important that pilots check the effective dates on each aeronautical chart and publication to be used. Obsolete charts and publications should be discarded and replaced by current editions. To make certain a chart or publication is current, refer to the next scheduled edition date printed on the cover or consult the Dates of Latest Editions . Pilots should also consult the Aeronautical Chart Bulletin available online or contained in an Airport/Facility Directory and Notice to Airmen (NOTAMs) for changes, essential to the safety of flight, that may occur during the effective dates of a chart or publication.

Charlevoix County Airport Directory

The airport diagrams below were provided by the MDOT and may be subject to change. Always contact the airport directly or MDOT for the latest conditions, runway configuration(s), and use patterns.

Airport Directory Sample Legend
Beaver Island (SJX)
Beaver Island, Welke (6Y8)
Boyne City Municipal (N98)
Charlevoix Municipal (CVX)
East Jordan City (Y94)
Boyne Falls Airport (BFA)

Aerial Photo References

Fisherman's Island State Park - 1998 USGS Aerial Photo [Click here to view full size picture]

TerraFly!: This web site allows you to view seamless, aerial photo imagery and fly across the land from sea to shining sea (across the entire contiguous 48 and Alaska and Hawaii). These images are "vertical" aerial photos meaning they present a direct, overhead view of the earth below. There is no access fee necessary for viewing the images. However, there are options to actually receive digital prints and images for use in many potential applications for a fee. Simply enter in a street address and/or zip code to get started. This imagery was acquired from an aircraft specially configured to collect photos included as part of the National Aerial Photography Program. The 1998 aerials in Michigan on this site were funded under a partnership between the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).

Political & Census Maps

Charlevoix County Political Subdivisions - Download The PDF Version Below Created by the County GIS Department [Click here to view full size picture]

Charlevoix County Public Land Survey System & Transportation Reference (0.97 mb)

County Road Map


The Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners provides copies of the Charlevoix County Road Map free of charge. You are also welcome to download a copy for reference below!

Charlevoix County Road Map (PDF Format)

This page last updated on 10/30/2015.
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