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Invasive Phragmites Information
Click here to view full size picture Carol Apol receives Award [Click here to view full size picture]

This page was created to help educate the public on invasive phragmites. Many thanks to Pam Grassmick & the Beaver Island Association for altering us of the problem, sharing information, advice and for being such a great role model.
Many thanks to Carol Apol as well. She's the Pam Grassmick of Norwood Twp. This concerned citizen made it her mission to educate, inform and gather the support of her neighbors to eradicate invasive phragmites from their Lake Michigan shoreline. The results of her hard work: 100% participation from lakeshore property owners affected by phragmites gave permission for treatment this past fall. Governor Granholm, Senator Jason Allen, and Representative Kevin Elsenheimer commended her efforts & presented their signed resolution in September.Education is key to controlling this plant. It can easily spread if improper control methods are used!!!!Please review the information provided here.
Be sure to continue to the next page - where you will find important information on methods of control, chemical concerns, etc. Also, take some time to visit the sites below!

Invasive Phragmites Rhizomes [Click here to view full size picture]

If you don't want your shoreline to look like this
- please don't ignore the invasive phragmites stands you see now.

This photo is from the Phragmented Phragmites powerpoint (to view, click link above). It's a very informative document, you should take a few moments and look through it.

Contact the Charlevoix Conservation District for more information or assistance.

DEQ presentation [Click here to view full size picture]

Stakeholders Meeting - January 27, 2009
The Charlevoix Conservation District hosted an Invasive Phragmites Stakeholders meeting at the First Presbyterian Church in Boyne City. Over 50 people attended, anxious to learn more about the threat invasive phragmites poses to the natural resources of Charlevoix County.
Presentors from Michigan Sea Grant, Michigan State University Extension, M. Department of Natural Resources, M. Department of Environmental Quality, Beaver Island Property Owners Association, and JFNew explained: the problem with invasives in the Great Lakes Basin; how invasive phragmites has been identified as one of the HIGHEST threat species in the state; how to make applying for a permit easier; how to work as a community to address the problem; and how to properly treat invasive phragmites by a business providing those services. A steering committee was formed to begin development of a coordinated, countywide approach to invasive phragmites control.
Each of the presentations from the meeting are available below. Again we want to thank all the presentors and everyone else involved in making this such a successful event!

Handouts from meeting
Click here to view full size picture

Lake Charlevoix Association - Community Alert meetings 2009
For more information about the Lake Charlevoix Association and its efforts to fight phragmites including upcoming meetings & times, visit their website using the link below.

Community Meetings
Click here to view full size picture Click here to view full size picture

Phragmites on Lake Charlevoix

Many thanks to Jan Evans for providing these photos of the Lake Charlevoix Association members surveying phragmites stands at Young State Park.

Click here to view photos: YSP

Cutting & Removal [Click here to view full size picture]

Important Message regarding cutting & removal of treated plant material:
It seems not everyone understands the importance of this step.

Mowing or cutting individual stands to remove dead plant material after herbicide treatment is an important step towards achieving phragmites control. DO NOT CUT SHORTER THAN 4"!!!
Removing the dead plant material encourages native plant growth and allows for identification of invasive phragmites re-growth for herbicide spot treatment.
DNRE, LWMD permit conditions state that cutting must be completed no later than April 15th following chemical treatment.
It also prescribes the method(s) of acceptable cutting and disposal of the invasive phragmites (ie: all thatch shall be removed to an upland non-wetland disposal area or burned on site). OR, according to Roxanne Merrick the dead plant material can be DOUBLE BLACK BAGGED and disposed of in the trash.

WHY spend more time & money on chemicals this year, that will be wasted on dead plant material?
WHY lose your view to a dead stand of phragmites?

This photo was taken at the end of Charlevoix Street within the Boyne City, City Limits.
This was a very large/dense stand growing at the end of a city street. The Lake Charlevoix Association was not able to achieve 100% landowner permission to treat, this being one of those cases.
Even though it was taken in February, it clearly shows the treated area where dead plant material was cut & removed right next to plant material still standing.

This page last updated on 3/12/2012.
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