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2017 application packets now being accepted

IF for some reason you cannot type your "Overview" or "Scope" into the application, you are allowed to type "see attached" and include your Overview or Scope as separate sheets included in those sections of the application.  ALL other sections of the application must be completed on the actual form, with those 2 exceptions being inserted as needed.  Additionally, applications can be completed via the fillable version, by printing off and typing in, or by completing by hand.  If you do not have the ability to print, you may also pick one up in person.  Thank you.

County administration holds a fall Municipality Information Session each year, and it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that someone representing your municipality attend.  Information, paper versions of forms, question & answer sessions as well as other vital pieces of information will be discussed and presented.

What the "Work Group" does...
The purpose of this work group is to act in an advisory capacity to the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners, under the guidance of county staff.  It's specific task is to review, evaluate and make recommendations as to the appropriation of funds from the Parks Millage based upon applications as presented from the various Charlevoix County municipalities.
One of the primary goals of the Group is to insure funding is applied throughout the county as a whole, when appropriate and applicable.  It will be preferential to award several smaller funding projects throughout the county, as opposed to a single, large project that would primarily serve a single area.  In order to reach this goal, preference will "typically" be given to projects of $10,000 and under when numerous qualifying requests are received.  This is not to say however, that projects of higher value cannot or should not be submitted, as all projects will be considered on their overall value and benefit to the residents of Charlevoix County (a project would need to have significant merit and offer above ordinary benefits to residents for higher approval).

Due to the nature of every project being unique to itself, there is no way to compile an accurate list of always "applicable / not applicable" items.  An item may have multiple purposes that would apply in some instances and not apply in others.  The Work Group determines, based on the explanations, clarity and completeness of your application, how your particular request falls into various classifications and categories used to score and recommend projects.

What You Need to Know...  
The information provided on this page is not to be considered "all inclusive or exclusive", as it is only one resource of the process.  Attending the Municipality Information Sessions in the fall provides great information.  The application packet contains full details for applying; however, some facts to note and a few of the guidelines used in consideration for recommendation are:

  • These funds are NOT grant monies, nor are they loans. They are an appropriation of funds, collected through a voter approved millage.  You will not be required to provide a "match", or pay back funds.
  • You MUST complete our application.  Please do not create your own, reuse another, or submit anything other than the application found on this webpage, or provided to you by Charlevoix County administration.
  • Please do not submit documentation addressed to other parties, such as submissions you used previously still showing another entity as the recipient, quotes and itemizations for your project addressed to someone other than you or your municipality, or any similar circumstance. 
  • ONLY Charlevoix County townships, villages, and cities may apply for millage funds - ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. Applications cannot be accepted containing other entities, even "in conjunction with".  Projects must also be applied for, overseen and directed by the municipality ONLY, not another entity, party or representative.
  • All projects must be made available for use by the general public, which shall include all Charlevoix County residents and visitors alike, as they have funded these projects through the millage.
  • All project applications should show a physical and specific purpose as to the "direct recreational benefit of Charlevoix County residents".  Indirect recreational benefit applications may be submitted but will not be scored as high, and will not be recommended as readily if at all, as those showing direct benefit.  The fact alone that it is for a recreational facility, or that the facility is in need of the request, does not in and of itself show direct benefit. 
  • FUNDS WILL NOT BE APPROPRIATED FOR ADMINISTRATIVE, OPERATIONAL, OR MAINTENANCE PURPOSES, NOR FOR ACQUISITION OF LAND.  As each application is unique, this classification of purpose will be determined by the work group on a case-by-case basis.  There is no list of approvable or non-approvable items or services, as what is not applicable in one circumstance may be approved under a different use or purpose in another, "case-by-case".
  • Appropriations will not be approved prior to bidding and/or receipt of quotes, as they are required documentation for the process.  Approvals are based on submitted application criteria, in which the specific costs and vendors are provided and reviewed for consideration of funds. Additionally, you may not change vendors, items, or service without unusual circumstance beyond your control, which must be approved by the county. 
  • Each project/location MUST be submitted independently, applications with requests for multiple projects/locations combined will not be considered.  For example, please do not apply for "new benches at Brown Park, Black Park and White Park", they must be applied for separately.  However, if you are applying for funding towards a single project at Brown park that "includes" new benches, picnic tables and horseshoe pit, that may be submitted as one. You may then receive funding for one or more of the items.
  • You may submit multiple application packets per round/year.
  • It is SOLELY your responsibility to use the checklist included in the application packet to verify that you have, in fact, submitted a complete application.  You will not be notified of errors and incompletions, as you are provided with the information necessary to submit a complete package.  Your package may be rejected if it is not properly signed, does not include all required documentations, or does not have necessities such as the itemizations and resolutions.
  • If there is a discrepancy between your application request and the resolution, the resolution will prevail.
  • Funds are NOT awarded based on municipal size, taxbase, population or dollar match.  
  • You will not receive funding for the same project multiple times.
  • Areas of particular interest to the Work Group are the direct recreational benefit it will provide, appropriate choice of location within your municipality for your project, integrity of your design and plans, plans for future expenses of project, municipal need for the project, county-wide need for the project, economic stimulus generated from your project, balance of the need for your project in comparison to the expense of it, and collaboration with another municipality. 
  • in order to receive "Collaboration" scoring points, ALL municipalities must be named on the application, provide resolutions and have signatures on the application.  As preference is "typically" given to project requests of $10,000 or less, it is easier to justify and recommended higher amounts when multiple municipalities are working in true collaboration with one another.  Noting neighboring municipalities will use your project, or having only a letter of support, is NOT collaboration and will not receive points as such.  
  • All completed projects must display a public awareness plaque or plate on site, which is to be provided by the County.  The purpose of this display is to allow the tax payers who have funded these projects the opportunity to see the benefit it provides.
How the Process Works...  

Funds will be awarded once annually, with announcement of recipients being made no later than June 1st of each year. 

Applications must be received no later than February 1st (if the 1st falls on a weekend, the next business day will be accepted as the deadline). 

No application will be considered if deemed incomplete or ineligible by the Work Group.
Eligible applications that are not approved, may be resubmitted at a later cycle, but they will not be "held" by the County.  They will need to re-complete the full submission process to ensure equality to all applicants.

Once eligible applications are received by the stated deadline, they will be reviewed and scored by the Work Group within the first month (Incomplete applications will not be considered OR returned). 

The Work Group will have 30 days from their first meeting to complete their scoring process and come to their final recommendations. 

During the next 30 days, the Work Group's recommendation will be presented to the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners for review, and within the following 30 days final approval will be determined. 

Final decisions for the appropriation of funds are made solely by the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners. 

Charlevoix County staff will not tell you what will be accepted and approved before your application packets are submitted (land acquisitions and outside entity participation are automatically excluded). 

Charlevoix County staff will not tell a municipality what they can "safely move forward" with prior to the final approval from the Board of Commissioners. 

You will be notified only as you have indicated ON YOUR APPLICATION.  The persons, phones, email and physical addresses listed on your application will be the means by which you are contacted by administration.  This includes any possible question regarding your application, your approval or partial approval of the application, as well contract communications.  Please complete this information accurately and completely!  We will NOT be recreating emails and resending contracts to various members of your municipality in upcoming years.  If the person receiving the email as indicated on your application is not responsible and does not follow through with the signatory process of the contracts, it will not be the responsibility of administration to correct it on our end. If your municipality or persons representing it fails to follow through with the contract process "on your end", your appropriations may be forfeited.  CONTRACTS WILL BE EMAILED AS INDICATED ON YOUR APPLICATION ONLY, PLEASE CHOOSE APPROPRIATELY.




 The application may be changed and/or updated annually.  The new application will be attached to this section of the webpage once approved for the upcoming season, generally the first part of September.  PLEASE do not use previous years application for current submissions. 

2017 APPLICATION PACKET (do NOT use last year's application packet)

Submissions must be received either by mail or courier, or in person to:
Charlevoix County Parks Millage
c/o: County Administrator
301 State St.
Charlevoix, MI  49720 

(we DO NOT accept submission of application packets sent via fax, email, or any means other than those listed above)
    February 1, 2016
    February 1, 2017


Recipients of Funds

2016 Recipients were:
Peaine Township, waterways trail
Village of Boyne Falls, new playground equipment for village park
City of Boyne City, Veterans Park pavilion project
Boyne Valley Township, update basketball courts/create skate rink
City of Charlevoix, recreational way-finding signage
City of East Jordan, Movies-in-the-Park
Hayes Township, ADA accessible picnic tables at township park (formerly Camp Seagull)
City of East Jordan, Community Park accessibility improvement
Bay Township, Sumner Rd road end dock improvement
Evangeline Township, handicap accessible play equipment
Bay Township, Lake St. road end dock improvement
Wilson Township, Fall Park ADA parking improvement

2015 Recipients were:
Village of Boyne Falls, purchase of various items to improve Village Park
City of East Jordan, playground equipment for ages 2-5 at Watson Field
City of Charlevoix, replace Michigan Beach playground equipment
City of Boyne City, portion of Veterans Park Pavillion project
Melrose Township, addition of Pickleball and Basketball courts in Walloon
Wilson Township, improvements to Fall Park
Hayes Township, portion of boat launch at township park (formerly Camp Seagull)
Actual announcement date(s) will always be dependent upon the actual scheduled meeting dates of the Board of Commissioners.
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