Veterans Benefits

The Charlevoix County Veterans Affairs office acts as a liaison between veterans and their families in obtaining benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The office advocates to ensure that veterans, their dependents, and their survivors receive all the benefits to which they are entitled.

Services Offered:
Benefits provided to veterans are available from federal, state, and county levels of government.

State of Michigan Benefits:
 - Michigan Veteran's Trust Fund Financial Assistance, Life Supporting, Emergencies, Education

 - Homestead Property Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans
 - Applications for Admission to Michigan Veteran's Facilities

Charlevoix County Benefits:
 - County Burial Allowance for Veteran

 - Charlevoix County Emergency Relief
 - Travel allowance to VA Medical Facilites twice per calendar year (Oct - Sept)

Federal Government Benefits:
 - Burial

 - Pension--Widow/Widower --Dependency & Indemnity Compensation -- Veterans Services Including Connected Disability
   Compensation -- Veterans Non-Service Connected Disability
 - Education
 - Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation
 - GI Insurance
 - Certificates of Eligibility for Home Loans
 - Medical Benefits:
   -- Hospitalization
   -- Pre-Hospital & Post Hospital Care
   -- Outpatient Medical Treatment
   -- Home Health Services
   -- Medical Care for Dependents and Survivors
   -- Nursing Home Care
   -- Outpatient Dental Treatment
   -- Prosthetic Appliances
   -- Clothing Allowance
   -- Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment
 - Military:
   -- Commissary & Exchange Privilege
   -- Correction of Military Record
   -- Medals
   -- Review of Discharges
 - Retirees:
   -- Death Certificate
   -- Initial Contact for Survivors Benefit

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