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Whiting Park, a family campground, public beach, hiking trails
Whiting Parks Restored 1948 Log Cabin seats up to sixty people great place for family reunions, graduation parties, and small weddings    [Click here to view full size picture] Whiting Park has 1/2 mile of public beach [Click here to view full size picture]

Park Address & Contact Information
05820 Lake Shore Road
Boyne City, MI 49712

Phone: (231)582-7040 (park office)
Fax: (231)582-7441
Office Hours: On-call

Ross Maxwell, Parks Director



Whiting Park has 1/2 mile of beach and 4 miles of hiking trails with  the new addition of the 72 acres, we now have about 240 acres of beautiful forest.  

  • Whiting Park trail map link below.
Dates Top
Green Building Decorated for a Large Wedding [Click here to view full size picture] Green Building Seats up to 300 people, has large kitchen, two refrigerators, cast iron gas stove [Click here to view full size picture]

Buildings Open-------- May 6

Campground Opens----May 6

Park Closes----------- October 16

Rates Top
 Cabin in early morning fog - July19, 2011 [Click here to view full size picture]

Camping Fee $15.00/night (rustic)
$25.00/night up to 50 amp Electric Service

Showers  $.50 for 6 1/2 minutes - add quarter for more time

Green Building with Large Kitchen (seats 250) $240.00/day
Log Cabin (seats 60) $110.00/day
Pavilion #1 $50.00/day

Pavilion #2 $40.00/day


All Facility Reservations
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Park Location and Facilities Top
New #1 Pavilion [Click here to view full size picture] Pavilion #2 Has 10 Picnic Tables Under Roof [Click here to view full size picture]

Whiting Park is located on Lake Charlevoix in Eveline Township between Boyne City and Ironton. It is situated on approximately 240 acres of beautiful forest with walking trails. The park includes a campground with 58 campsites, 14 of which are universally accessible and 11 of those are equipped with electric, up to 50 amp service. The campsites are all located on or near one half mile of Lake Charlevoix beach. A modern shower building and a pump-out station with water are available.

Whiting Park also has rental facilities including, a large pole building (with a kitchen) that seats up to 300 people, a classic 1940's log cabin that seats up to 60 people, and two secluded pavilions with electricity. These facilities are perfect for a wedding reception, family reunion, graduation party, or company picnic. More and more weddings are performed on the beach.

To reserve a facility for a large group, please contact the Parks and Recreation Director by phone at (231) 582-7040 or via email at


Campground Reservations Top
Electric site #3 [Click here to view full size picture]

Campground Reservation Policy

Whiting Park contains 58 campsites, 13 electric and 45 non-electric.

All 13 electric sites (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,15) and 6 rustic sites (11,16,17,18,19,20) may be reserved. 

Sites 1 and 2 have 20 amp service; the rest have up to 50 amp.

Non-electric campsites 21 thru 58 are non-reservable, first come first served only.

$15.00 per night non-electric

$25.00 per night electric

A $5.00 reservation fee                                   

A $15.00 fee will be added to any credit card transaction of $100.00 or more. 

Reservations shall be made for a minimum of 2 nights and a maximum of 14 nights.

On the July 4th and Labor Day holidays, a minimum of 3 nights is required when making a reservation.

REFUND POLICY - The Campground must be notified NO LESS than fourteen days before the start date of the reservation to receive a refund with the exception of the $5.00 reservation fee and the 1st night camping fee.

Prior to submitting a reservation request, we strongly encourage prospective
campers to contact the park office by phone at (231) 582-7040 or by email to in order to ensure that a campsite is available for the
desired time period. Reservations must be made by phone or in person.
Along with your reservation request, please specify the type and size of camping
equipment (i.e., tent, motor home, fifth wheel, or trailer). Every effort will be made to
ensure the campsite you reserve will accommodate the type and size of camping
equipment you will be using, but we are unable to guarantee this.

Any site that is reserved, but not occupied, the first night shall be considered as being
vacant and eligible for rental on subsequent nights unless the park manager is contacted
and adequate reasons are given for the site being vacant that night.

Persons making reservations must be 18 years of age or older. The person making the
reservation shall be staying at the campsite during the duration of the campsite

The per-night camping fee for reservable campsites is the same as the fee for nonreservable
sites (currently $15.00 per night rustic and $25.00 per night electric). In addition to the applicable per-night camping fee,Charlevoix County does not discriminate based on sex, race, color, creed, religion, or
national origin and shall charge uniform camping fees regardless of place of residence.

Park Rules & Regulations Top

Please click on the document link below to view the Park's Rules & Regulations:

Campground and Beach Pictures Top
Modern Shower Building At Campground [Click here to view full size picture] Whiting Park Swim Beach [Click here to view full size picture]
Boyne City 4-H Swim Class Kids. Swim School has been held at Whiting Park since 1952 [Click here to view full size picture] Click here to view full size picture
Electric Campsite #13 [Click here to view full size picture] Electric site #5 [Click here to view full size picture]
 Non Electris site # 43 [Click here to view full size picture] View from electric sites 10, 11,12,13	 [Click here to view full size picture]
View of campground from lake [Click here to view full size picture] Boat to campground [Click here to view full size picture]
Electric site # 15 [Click here to view full size picture] Boat to campground [Click here to view full size picture]
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