Concealed Pistol License & Pistol Purchase Permits


As of December 8, 2015, Gunboards have been disbanded and are no longer being used. Everything is done through the County Clerk’s Office now except Livescan Fingerprinting.  The fingerprinting takes place at the Charlevoix County Jail AFTER you've paid at the County Clerk's Office. 

For more information on Concealed Pistol Licenses, click this link.


As of December 19, 2012 the law has changed on acquiring permits to purchase:

-  If you are buying a handgun from a registered FFL Dealer/Store, you go directly to them to get your permit to purchase. Then you turn in the MSP copy back to your jurisdiction for registration. 

-  If you are buying a handgun from an individual person, you go to any jurisdiction within the State of Michigan to acquire a permit to purchase, but you must turn the MSP copy of the registration back in to where you acquired the registration so they can register the firearm.

For more information on Firearm Laws, click this link.