Inmate Trust Accounts

Inmate Trust Accounts

The Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office is making it easier to add money to an inmate’s account.
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***Maximum amount inmates can receive into their commissary account is $300.00 per week.***

Inmates can use this money to purchase: personal care items and snack foods from the jail’s commissary, purchase phone time, pay fines & costs, or bonds.

Friends and family members may use a credit card or debit card. There is a 10% fee for each of these transactions.

In addition to the new on-line service, the Charlevoix County Jail also streamlines the financial process at the jail. New booking and lobby kiosks eliminates staff from handling money. 

Booking Kiosk - Once an inmate is booked into the Charlevoix County Jail, they will deposit any cash or coins they have into the booking kiosk. The kiosk will automatically post the money to an inmate’s account. The booking kiosk eliminates the need for Officers to handle money.

Deposit Kiosk - There is a deposit kiosk in the main lobby of the Charlevoix County Jail. An inmate’s family or friends may place cash or credit/debit card deposits directly on the inmate’s account. This will eliminate the need for staff to collect money and manually post money to an inmate’s account.  The kiosk is accessible to the public 24 hours a day. There is a $2.00 ATM fee for each cash transaction and 10% for each credit or debit card transaction.

Bonds - Prior to posting bond for an inmate in the lobby, you must first check in with the staff at the jail receptionist's window.

On-line Services - Family members and friends can also now add money to an inmate’s account from the comfort of home. Just log on to, set up an account and you can start depositing money immediately.

Telephone Ordering - Telephone ordering allows inmates to pick up the phone in their housing unit at no charge and check what their account balance is, current debt and deposit information. They also order commissary using the same telephones. A voice prompt will assist the inmate in completing their orders in English or Spanish. Orders must be completed by Monday evening.

Debit Card Release - When an inmate is released from jail, any remaining balance on an inmate’s account will be loaded onto a debit card and they can immediately use the card at any location that accepts credit cards. This card is free to both the Sheriff’s Office and the inmate.

Visit to add money to an inmate’s account.