American Beachgrass

The Charlevoix Conservation District American Beachgrass Nursery

2019 Fall 1

Beachgrass Orders are taken year round, however it is recommended to place orders 6 months in advance
Availability depends on the maximum amount we are able to harvest for sustainability of the nursery natural area, and the number of volunteers, this may vary by year.

Deadlines for ordering beachgrass:  Fall Harvest - September 1st,  Spring Harvest - April 1st.  
Payments for beachgrass orders are due by:
Fall Harvest - October 1. 
Spring Harvest - May 1.
To Order, or for Questions or Alternate Resource Information, please contact the District office at

District Manager:   Alison Adams,

Commonly Asked Beachgrass Program Questions - Click Here

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Actual Beachgrass Harvest Days may vary.  Harvest days are typically scheduled during the second week in May and October  with the help of Boyne City and Charlevoix students & often depends on school schedules and the weather.  

The nursery is located south of Charlevoix near Fisherman's Island State Park.  Through a unique partnership, the District leases the small nursery property from the Department of Natural Resources.  The beachgrass is harvested twice a year, each spring and fall.  The beachgrass needs to be harvested during specific times of year while the plant is dormant.

Our nursery is MAEAP verified (assuring environmental quality), allowing the district a maximum amount of bundles it 
can sustainably harvest each season. Once that number is reached through incoming orders, we cannot take additional orders for that season, but can keep them on hold for the next harvest season. 

Beachgrass is shipped anywhere throughout Michigan, or any other coastline states (freshwater or salt).  In some cases, due to climate variations, our harvest times can be off with other states which can complicate planting schedules.  Contact the district office for more information 231-582-6193. 

In 2016, the Great Lakes Energy People Fund awarded the Charlevoix Conservation District with funding to purchase
a new landscape trailer, 20 spade shovels, and two coolers to assist with our Beachgrass Harvest Days stewardship
program.  Thank You Great Lakes Energy & Supporters!   
great-lakes-energy  People Fund logo  New Trailer 2016

Harvest Days
Chx kids 16

Beachgrass harvest days are a collaborative effort between District staff and other organizations, individuals and groups.  Groups who have volunteered to assist our harvest efforts include Charlevoix Elementary School, NCMC
(North Central Michigan College) students, and Boyne City students.   These partnerships are helpful to the District because they assure harvesting assistance (humanpower) each season.  For local students, it provides a direct connection to the land through stewardship.  This opportunity is something the students will remember for years to come and a chance to know they had a valuable hand in protecting shoreline throughout Michigan and across the country.  

Beachgrass Plugs & Bundles

Each beachgrass bundle contains 500 bareroot plants.  Each plug may have anywhere from one to three or more stalks shooting from one stem (ie:
if one plug has 3 shoots, it is counted as 3 plants).  
Beachgrass bundles may be picked up from the following locations (post harvest):  nursery,
the Charlevoix District office (Boyne City), or via UPS Shipping.  The cost for each bundle is $75.00, includes tax, does not include shipping.
(We ship UPS upon request). 
Payment for beachgrass is due prior to harvest. 

Directions to Nursery

To Purchase Beachgrass Please Contact the District Office  
Phone:  231-582-6193