Community Room

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 Community Room Rates & Forms for Use

  Hourly Rate:        $25  ($20 for 2nd hour)
  Half Day Rate      $50  (2-4 hours)
  Full Day Rate      $75  (4+ hours)

  *Deposit Fee       $25/$50 (hourly/2+ hours)

  Forms for Use:
  Please contact the district office first to find out if 
  the date you need is available, 231-582-6193.

Our no-alcohol policy is being re-evaluated at this time
  to possibly 
consider this as an option by permission only
  depending on the 
group and/or event.  Other restrictions
  may apply as well as 
additional liability forms.  We will update
  our current policy 
with this information soon.  

 Application Form

 Policy & Responsibility Form

 Cleaning Checklist

 Non-fee based parties:  Non fee parties include all 501c3 non-profit   organizations & service groups not gaining profit for their purpose or mission. 

 Fee-based Groups: All other groups or businesses whose purpose is to sell   products or services for enterprise or a group hosting a private function.

 How to Reserve the Community Room
 To rent the Community Room, call the district office to make sure the date   you are interested in is available.  Download the Application Form above &   email or drop it off at the District office. Fees are due prior to or the day of   your reservation date.  If your reservation date falls after District hours (M-F   8:00am-4:30 pm) prior arrangements can be made with the District Manager. 

 Room Policies
 A “General Rules & Responsibilities” form is required with signature with the   room rental application.  A copy of this form must be signed by the main   contact person with the room fee & deposit. 

 Maximum Seating Capacity
 This room seats 20-25 adults comfortably (though additional tables & chairs     may be needed to accomodate at this time), but 30 persons is the maximum.

 *Cleaning & Damage Deposit Fee
 A cleaning and damage deposit fee of $25 for hourly rentals or $50 for half   and full day rentals is required upon reservation.  This fee is reimbursed     after your reservation day as long as the checklist requirements are   completed and  no damage occurs.  A checklist is available above, and is   provided to each party on their reservation day.  

 Items are still needed for the Community Room.  For   questions, or if you would like to provide a donation or items   for the Community Room, please contact Alison at the   district office, 231-582-6193 or
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