Conservation Needs Assessment for Charlevoix County for 2022-2027

   Monarch 6-30-22

Conservation Districts in Michigan are organized under Public Act 297 of 1937. Michigan’s Conservation Districts are locally controlled resource management agencies, created by concerned landowners and administered by publicly elected boards of directors.

Created to serve as stewards of natural resources, Michigan’s Conservation Districts take an ecosystem approach to conservation and protection. Conservation Districts provide connections between land managers and a host of conservation service providers that include state, federal, and local governments and conservation organizations. The delivery of these efforts allows residents to manage their private lands for a cleaner, healthier Michigan. It allows the public a point of access in their communities when questions arise on how to manage natural resources.

The Charlevoix Conservation District 2022 Conservation Needs Assessment (CNA) and Strategic Plan will be used to guide the efforts of the District through 2027. Every five years, the District conducts a CNA survey to identify natural resource and environmental concerns in Charlevoix County, how residents use the Conservation District, and how the Charlevoix Conservation District can best assist residents. This year, the District is made a concerted effort to seek feedback from engaged stakeholder groups, governmental staff, environmental organizations, and farmers. The data is used to assist the District’s staff in planning for the next five years and guide the types of programs and assistance offered to the best of our ability with the resources, funding and support available.

This planning process and this report consists of the engagement effort and the 5-year online survey, which was used to solicit ideas and suggestions from stakeholders, local officials, staff, and residents.  Once the survey is compiled, the development of an action plan for the next five years will be approved in September of 2022, just prior to the 2023 Fiscal Year.
The main tasks to accomplish this work effort consists of:Providing an overview of the natural resources found in Charlevoix County. Developing an online CNA survey (submitted via newsletter, electronic news updates, direct emails, website and social media). Input from stakeholders and residents was initiated by staff on resource issues and concerns.
The information obtained was summarized to identify the District’s priority issues for the next five-year period.
The District’s long-range strategic plan, which identifies actions the District will take to address the priority issues outlined in the CNA, will be addressed and approved in September of 2022.

Please read the full report here.
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