District Rentals

     To rent the following resources, contact:  231-582-6193 (Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm)
     Location:  303 North Street, Boyne City, MI.  49712

    Tree Planter
     Tree planter with sticker     

     Tree planter different angle 
     The District's Tree Planter is stored at the Conservation District office,
     located in Boyne City.  The planter is hauled on a 4x8 trailer and it's own
     1 7/8 reece hitch.  The planter has a 3-point hitch and is pulled by a tractor.
      A 40 hp tractor will pull the planter through very soft soil.  If your
      planting site doesn't meet this condition, a larger tractor (80-100 hp)
      will be needed.  Place the tree in position and a cement packer wheel
      follows behind to close and firm the soil.  

     The Planter can be rented to landowners outside of Charlevoix County. 
     Contact Alison at the District office to select the dates you need &  
     complete rental agreement paperwork.  

     Cost:  $50 per day (daylight to dark)

     Community Resource Room
 Available days, weeknights & weekends upon request.  Contact the district office for more
     details on availability, fees & forms.  Application and Policy forms can also be downloaded
     by clicking on the "Community Room" link above, or the tab on our home page.   
      new tables and chairs
      Completed in 2018 through grants, donations & in-kind services, the Community Room
      is free to non-profit (501c3) groups, or $25/hour, $50/half day or $75/full day to private parties
      & for profit groups.  Call the office at 231-582-6193 (M-F) or visit the "Community Room" tab
      on our homepage for rental details, application & policy forms.  A cleaning & damage deposit
      fee is required prior to your reservation & will be refunded post-reservation, upon policy 

      CR Art Class 2019
       The Community Room is a great space for workshops such
        as this open studio art group.  

      xmas potluck 18
      Private parties also enjoy the Community Room ammenities.