Community Native Garden

    The Charlevoix Conservation District Native Plant Educational Garden:

     Sun Garden 6-30-22 
 This Garden was made possible by the efforts of the following 
      individuals and groups.  Many thanks to all of them for their 
      passion for native plants, and dedication to education, conservation,
      community & service:

      Pat Brinker & The Brinker Family
      The Charlevoix County Community Foundation, Sun Fund
       Great Lakes Energy, People's Fund
       Mike & Rhea Dow
       Denise & Gary Fate
       The Wood Shop, Boyne City
        Landscape Logic, Charlevoix

            Join us each August
for our Annual Summer Garden Party Open House
            Event!  More details on the Summer Garden Party here.

               Garden Party Invite - Copy

  The Charlevoix Conservation District's

  Community Native Plant Demonstration Garden 

   Front Entrance View   
    Above:  The district office on North Street in Boyne City before the native garden was planted.  Made possible
    with the help of donations from local native plant enthusiast, Patricia Brinker,  native nursery, Birdsfoot
    Native Nursery of South Boardman (Garrett Noyes), native plant sale participant donations from rounding
    up order totals, and the help of volunteers, Susan Adams and Aleta Runey the Native Garden became a reality
    in the Fall of 2020.  

    Coming Soon:  In 2021 two grants were awarded to the district from the Charlevoix  County Community Foundation
   ($1,000) to assist with the purchase of species signs and sign holders and a community garden sign, and the
    Great Lakes Energy People Fund ($1,000) to assist with the materials and labor costs for a pathway through
    each of the gardens (sun and shade).  Signs and pathway will allow more people to interact with and learn
    from the garden year-round, especially during our annual Fall Native Plant Sale

  Many thanks also for the donations  made to help cover the costs of the species signs from Mike and Rhea Dow,
  The Brinker Family and Karen and Gary Fate.  

   Shade Garden Complete          Demo garden done2 9-25-20
   The Shade Garden                                        The Sun Garden  
  Our Native Garden Early Summer Species in Bloom......
  birdsfoot violet   columbine   Blue Wood Phlox   Wild Geranium   wood violet
    Birdsfoot Violet                      Wild Columbine                           Blue Phlox                        Wild Geranium                  Wood Violet

    Pathway Project Complete 6   Pathway Project LL - crew 2
    The new garden pathway, made possible by the                   The Landscape Logic crew hired to put in 
     Great Lakes Energy People's Fund.                                                the new pathway!  

     Native Garden Sign 21      swamp-milkweed_orig
     Our beautiful garden and 70 species signs made possible with the help of private donations and grant funds awarded by the 
     Charlevoix County Community Foundation.  Our garden sponsor sign was created by The Wood Shop, located in Boyne 
     City, and our Native Species Information signs were made by the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network with the  
      help of sister district, the Grand Traverse Conservation District.