Native Plant Sale

     Native Plant Sale - Annual Fall Fundraiser - Second Saturday in 
     September, 12-3pm

           native plant sale - butterfly garden

            The Fall Native Plant Sale is a fundraiser for the district that also helps local landowners learn more about planting native to                   conserve water, protect soil and create habitat for wildlife.  The sale occurs every fall, from 12-3pm the second Saturday in                    September at the District Barn on North St. in Boyne City.  The species list is available directly after the
            Annual Summer Garden Party  in mid-August.  Or you may receive on by attending the Garden Party event, along with a few                    other fun party favors & snacks. 
            The Fall Native Plant Sale is a Browse and Buy, first come, first serve event, with only habitat flat kits available for
            pre-order.  The species list is updated each year.  Click Here to view the 2022 Plant Species List & Habitat Flat Order Form

            Some of the species can be viewed up close at the district's Native Plant Educational Garden
            Species signs contain valuable information about each species, and a pathway winds through to allow guests a more up close                  look at a variety of native species.  

            For more information, please contact our main office at 231-582-6193, or email District Manager,
            Alison Adams at
         Fall 2019 Nat Plant Form - front

         The species list is complete with colors, sun/water preferences for each species, soil preference and height.  
          The species list is released each August at our Annual Garden Party Event & Open House, and can also be found
          here after the  Garden Party in mid-August.  

           Nancy Cunningham volunteer
            District Volunteer and native plant enthusiast,  Nancy Cunningham, inspects the plants at our first Native Plant Sale in 2019.

           plant workshop 9-19
           Native Plant Workshops are sometimes held in the district's  Community Room prior to the sale.  The workshop helps                               landowners learn more about the benefits of planting native as well as which species thrive best in different environments &                   soil types.