Outreach Programs

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School Recycling Program - 4th Grade
Specific to Charlevoix County's Single Stream Recycling Program, 
the Charlevoix Conservation District provides a free classroom 
presentation to 4th grade students.  The program informs 
students about how the single stream program works, where
recycling goes, and the cycle of recycled products.  The program
also explores the positive impact of recycling and simple steps
students can take at home and at school.  Hands on activities
engage the students in a fun, interactive style.  


Kids Corner 
The Kids Corner event is held each spring at the District
office.  Local conservation partners provide information 
for parents and hands on conservation based activities kids.
The event incurs a small fee to support district outreach
programs.  Because in the spring, at the end of the day, 
you should smell like dirt!   Kids Corner 2016