Tree Sale


Charlevoix Conservation District's
Annual Tree & Plant Sale

Our District's annual tree sale orders are available each year in January.  
sale orders are taken until all items are sold out, there is no deadline.  
However, the sooner you order, the greater your chance of getting what 
you want!  After March 15 our inventory begins to thin out.    

dates are the last weekend in April, typically Friday afternoon and
morning.  Tree information and purchase orders are posted online
as soon as they are available.  For more information on trees available,
please contact the 
District office:  231-582-6193.  

If you are ordering late in the season, please contact the District office to
check on what is 
still available before sending your order and check,
thank you!

tree day 2007
Tree Sale Orders wrapped & awaiting their new forever homes. 
Tree sale pick up weekend is always the last weekend in April. 

2019 Tree Sale Catalog
2019 Order Form

Plantskydd Organic Gardening Products
Several Plantskydd products are available for purchase
at the District office year round.  Stop in any time
to learn about or purchase Plantskydd for your
garden, landscape or crops.  For more details on 
Plantskydd products, go to

Tree Planter

The District has a tree planter available to rent.  Call the District if
you are interested in renting this item during tree sale weekend.  
The cost to rent the tree planter is $50/day. 231-582-6193

Tree planter with sticker

Tree Sale Kids Corner!
Whether you are purchasing trees or not, stop by for our Kids
Corner open house during tree sale Saturday.  In an effort to
keep younger generations connected to conservation, the Charlevoix
Conservation District and it's local partners host this event.  Together,
the groups provide information and fun, hands-on activities, critters
and crafts for kids.  Event runs 10-Noon, open-house style.  The
event is free, but donations are always appreciated to assist with 
plans to increase our community outreach programs. Activities
and partners may vary each year.  Registration is not required.

2017 Kids Corner
Because in the Spring, at the end of the day,
you should 
smell like dirt!  
Luke 2016
Little Luke Anderson stopped by for some
Corner fun, and to visit his dad
at work with his brother Steven.