County Clerk

Department Contact
Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Phone: 231-547-7200
Fax: 231-547-7217
Toll Free Number:  1-800-548-9157
203 Antrim St.
rlevoix, MI 49720
("Backside" of County Building:  use back parking lot)
Julia Drost
, County Clerk
Kim Kaminski, Deputy Clerk
Shelly Johnstone, Deputy Clerk
Lisa Kuebler, Deputy Civil Court Clerk
Mary Kay McPherson,  Deputy Criminal Court Clerk
Shana Reeves, Deputy Accounts Payable Clerk

Laura St. Pierre,  Vital Records Deputy Clerk 


What We Do:
The County Clerk is the official record keeper of the County.  We are responsible for the oversight and day-to-day operations including but not limited to county accounts payable, Circuit Court records, Births, Marriages, Deaths, Military Discharges, concealed pistol permits, election administration, payroll and employee benefits,

The County Clerk is also the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners.  This includes creating the Board agendas, scheduling appearances and presentations for the Board and taking the minutes of those meetings.  Anyone interested in meeting with the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners or submitting any correspondence to them, please contact the County Clerk's office.

 How do I apply for a marriage license?
Marriage License Application
The fee for a license is $20.00 and may be picked up three (3) days after application. A license is good for 30 days.

You must apply for a marriage license in the county where you reside, but it can be used anywhere in the State of Michigan.
Out-of State marriage licenses can be obtained for an additional $10.00 fee and MUST be obtained in the County that you want to be married in. They are not valid in other counties. (The three (3) day waiting period does apply) If you will not be in the County 3-days prior to the wedding, you may apply for a waiver of the 3-day waiting period. A waiver can be obtained for good cause and costs an additional $50.00.
It is not necessary that both parties are present to apply for the license but they will need to provide the following information. An outside party CANNOT apply for a license for anyone else.


Full Name, Present Age, Date of Birth, Current physical address (including city and state)Social Security numbers, Number of previous marriages, City and State of Birth, Father's full name and Mother's full maiden name, Mother and Father’s states of birth

Only the parties being married may pick up the license. PLEASE CHECK THE LICENSE CAREFULLY. It is vital that everything on the license is correct. The only way to make corrections after the wedding takes place is through the court system.

The fee for the license is $20.00 and may be picked up 3 days after application.
The license is valid for 30 days.

How do I apply for a passport?
The Charlevoix County Clerk's Office no longer processes passports. You may obtain a passport from the Charlevoix Post Office. Please call the post office in advance for an appointment. (231-547-2631)

How do I obtain a concealed pistol license?
Click the link above for the guide for a concealed pistol license and application.

How do I renew a concealed pistol license?
Concealed Pistol License Renewal Information

1.  An application to renew a CPL may be submitted not more than six months before, nor one year after, the expiration of the current CPL.

2.  A CPL is valid until the applicant's date of birth that falls not less than four years or more than five years after the license is issued or renewed.

3.  CPL holders will be notified that their license is approaching expiration by their county clerk between three to six months prior to the expiration of their current license. A CPL may be renewed at the appropriate county clerk’s office with a $115 payment to the county clerk. (Cash or Check ONLY)

4.  Upon payment of renewal fees, the applicant will be issued a receipt. This receipt, when carried with the expired license, shall serve as a valid CPL until the new license or notice of statutory disqualification is received. For the purposes of Michigan law, the receipt is considered to be part of the CPL until a renewal is issued or denied.

5.  Possession of this receipt and expired CPL does not exempt the holder from the requirement to obtain a license to purchase a pistol or exempt a firearms dealer from running a background check prior to the sale of a pistol.

6.  An application is considered a renewal if the applicant has previously received a CPL in compliance with the training requirements set forth in Michigan law effective July 1, 2001, and the previous license has not been expired more than one year.

7.  An applicant applying for a renewal is not required to have fingerprints taken again if the applicant's fingerprints have been submitted to and are maintained by the MSP. Fingerprints have been maintained by the MSP since January 1, 2006.

8.  The applicant shall sign the statement on the application certifying that he or she has completed at least three hours of review of the required training and has had at least one hour of firing range time in the six months immediately preceding the renewal application.

Exception: The training requirements are waived for an individual who is a retired police officer or retired law enforcement officer.

9.  An individual licensed to carry a concealed pistol may carry a concealed pistol under the authority of his or her CPL until the CPL expires or the individual's authority to carry a concealed pistol is otherwise suspended or revoked, whichever comes first.

How do I restore firearm rights?  

How do I obtain a birth certificate?

To obtain a birth certificate from the Charlevoix County Clerk's office you can download the Birth Certificate Application from the link listed above and follow the directions on the form. Please mail it with the appropriate fee to:
Charlevoix County Clerk, Attn: Vital Records, 203 Antrim Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720.

How do I obtain a copy of a death certificate?

To obtain a death certificate from the Charlevoix County Clerk's office, you can download the Death Certificate Application from the link listed above and follow the directions on the form. Please mail it with the appropriate fee to:
Charlevoix County Clerk, Attn: Vital Records, 203 Antrim Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720.

How do I obtain a certified marriage copy? 

To obtain a certified copy of a marriage certificate from the Charlevoix County Clerk's office, you can download the Marriage Certified Copy Application from the link listed above and follow the directions on the form. Please mail it with the appropriate fee to: Charlevoix County Clerk, Attn: Vital Records, 203 Antrim Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720.

How do I register a business name?

To file for a business name please download the form from the link listed above. If this is a renewal of an existing name please fill out the form, have it notarized and return it to the Charlevoix County Clerk, 203 Antrim Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720 with the $10.00 fee.  If this is a new business name, please call the Clerk's office at 231-547-7200 to see if the name is available BEFORE following the above steps


Service and Vital Record Fees
Divorce Packet $55.00
Marriage License Waiver $50.00
Civil/criminal record searches $10.00 per name
Notary Certifications $10.00
Perform Marriage $20.00
Vital records $10.00 for a vital record, $5.00 for a second copy of the same record
Vital records (senior citizen copy, over age 65) $5.00

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
FOIA Resolution
FOIA Policy
FOIA Policy Summary
FOIA Cost Itemization
FOIA Request Form

The County has two FOIA Coordinators.  For all law enforcement FOIA requests the Coordinator is Undersheriff Todd Reeves, 1000 Grant Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720 Julia Drost, 203 Antrim Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720 is the FOIA Coordinator for all other FOIA requests. 

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