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Precinct Delegate Write-In Candidate Declaration of Intent

If you would like to run as a Precinct Delegate and do not appear on the ballot, you may run as a write-in candiate. Please download the following form, fill it out and file it with either the Office of the County Clerk or your individual township or city clerk. The use of stickers for a write-in are acceptable but not necessary. Please remember when running as a write-in this form MUST be filed with either the County Clerk, your township or city clerk or with the election inspectors in your jurisdiction prior to the close of polls on election day.

Precinct Delegate Write-In

Election Inspector Application
If anyone is interested in being certified to become an election inspector please click on the link below to print a copy of an Election Inspector Application.
You must complete the application in ink (do not type) and return it to either the County Clerk's office or to your own city or township clerk.

Election Inspector Application

Voter Registration Application
Click on the link below to download a voter registration application with instructions.

Voter Registration instructions and application

Please click on the link below to download a copy of an absent voter ballot application.

Absent Voter Ballot Application:

How do I Find Out if I am Registered to Vote?
Click on the link below to find out if you are registered to vote, where you are registered to vote and a location map to your polling location.

Am I registered to vote?