Frequently Asked Questions

For information on property taxes check out the Treasurer's FAQs.
For information on recording a document or searching recorded documents check out the Register of Deeds page.

Equalization FAQs and 'How do I?':

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How do I find out information about a parcel?

How do I read Parcel Identification Number (PIN)?

How do I request an address be assigned to a parcel?

How do I change the address my tax bills & assessment notices go to?

How do I change the name of the owner of a parcel?

How do I request a parcel split?

How do I request a parcel combination?

What and when is Tax Day?

What are Personal Property Taxes?

What is the Assessed Value?

What is the State Equalized Value (SEV)?

What is the Capped Value?

What is the Taxable Value?

How is my tax bill calculated?

Am I allowed to view my assessment records?

How do I appeal the assessed value of a parcel?

What are the March, July & December Boards of Review and what can they do?

What can I do if I'm not happy with the decision made at a March Board of Review?

How is the assessor notified of a change in property ownership?

How do I apply for a Pinciple Residence (Homestead) Escemption aka a PRE?

How do I request a Principle Residence (Homestead) Exemption be removed?

What if the property I had a Principle Residence Exemption on is no longer my principle residence?

What is a Poverty or Hardship Exemption?

How do I apply for a Poverty Exemption?

What is a Veteran's Exemption?

How do I apply for a Disabled Veteran's Exemption?

What is the Qualified Agricultural Property Exemption?