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Documents Center:
Check out the Documents Center by clicking the 'Search All County Documents' button located on each page of the county website. Here you will find useful documents including the following:
- Apportionment Reports
- Equalization Reports
- Forms
- General Reference Documents
- Maps
- Mill Rates
- Millage Reduction Fractions
- State Guidelines
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Parcel Search & Mapping:
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- For property tax questions, check out the Treasurer's page.
- For information on recording documents or to search recorded documents see the Register of Deeds page.

External Links

Township/City Websites:
- Click here for a complete list of links.

Michigan Department of Treasury Sites:
- State Tax Commission
- Personal Property Reporting Information
- Personal Property Tax Exemption & EEMP and Small Tax Payer Exemption
- Michigan Department of Treasury Forms
- Local Unit Reimbursement

State (Michigan.gov) Websites:
- Michigan Tax Tribunal
- Statewide Subdivision Plats Search
- DNR Commercial Forest Program
- LARA Business Entity Search

Surrounding Counties:
- Antrim County
- Cheboygan County
- Emmet County
- Grand Traverse County
- Kalkaska County
- Otsego County