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Charlevoix County Employee Tools
check your county email through the web app "click here"
access your payroll account "click here"
send an I.T. request for repairs or issues "click here"
COA vehicle check in/out "click here"
complete a pre-inspection on fleet vehicle "click here"
place a purchase request "click here"
northside room use request "click here"
southside meeting room use "click here"
schedule a fleet vehicle single request "click here"
schedule weekly fleet vehicle "click here"
schedule a B.I. fleet request "click here"
complete a B.I. fleet inspection "click here"

register for *BE ALERT* Emergency Notification System

The *BE ALERT* Emergency Notification System provides accurate, immediate emergency notifications from your local public safety agency to your cell, work or home phone, via text, email or voice message. Receive notifications about emergencies that may affect your home, workplace, child’s school, parents’ home, or any other locations within the Tri-County region of Charlevoix, Cheboygan and Emmet Counties.

  • Evacuation Information for hazardous environmental situations or other emergencies requiring you to leave the area
  • Weather Advisories for you or your family’s home, business, school, child care, or more
  • Infrastructure Issues including Boil Water notices or similar alerts
  • School Closing Information – numerous school systems have partnered with *BE ALERT* which allows school officials to send parents important notifications like building closures or other priority updates that parents need.

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