Roloff Center building progress

Since taking occupancy of the former Charlevoix Elementary School in the summer of 2020, we have made great strides in improving, upgrading and transitioning the facility towards it's goals of completion.  Much of the work has been supported through grants, and as much of the work as possible, has been completed by in-house staff.   Below, we would like to share ongoing updates and photos of some of the progress as it is made.  Take a look and see what we've done!


Recent flag raising ceremony at the Shirley Roloff Center, hosted by our CVSOs and joined by local veterans and residents, including the facility's namesake, Shirley Roloff (below in red).  

The administration offices are complete, thanks to the hard work of Josh Cline (maintenance assistant) and Terry Amick (facilities manager).  New paint and flooring
helped convert the previous area into  fresh, new work spaces.  Costs were minimized by utilizing reconfigured existing partitions and portables office pieces. 

The temporary home of the Charlevoix Senior Center is providing ample room and comfort during transitions. The temp area hosts a large dining venue, as well
as additional rooms, which have been converted from classrooms to arts & crafts space as well as our foot clinics.  Currently chef Zach Cline, food service manager Paul Tate
and site coordinator Vikki Pearsall are seen below providing meals "curbside"...
IMG_2408IMG_2416IMG_2420IMG_2423 - Copy

Our probate court school program has seen it's new home take shape!  With a lot of work from the department's own staff, as well as Mechanical Systems Manager
Lenn Calo (shown in center),  the transition has included all new paint, flooring, installation of a security door system (by our maintenance staff) and updated office space.

The newly completed Veterans Affairs Suite is welcoming visitors.  The transformation from classroom to "this" is incredible.  Saving resources and manpower, 
the former "sliding divider wall" was able to remain in place, thanks to a PVC paneled facelift honoring our branches of service.  Two offices were incorporated
with ample waiting areas that can be utilized by veterans to access internet, utilize outside services or join meetings and other needs.

Nearing it's completion (and our largest renovation to date) the Charlevoix Senior Center kitchen and serving facility has received extensive work and facelifts, ranging  from replacement walkins to an expanded food service area and everything in between!  In the first photo, facilities manager Terry Amick works on the floor joining the gymnasium to the extensively renovated food service area.  This area, as seen in the center photo, has been opened by removing a wall (formerly where the new columns are) allowing a larger, more agile flow to what will become our food service line.   Conserving and retaining what was already in use and in good condition at the previous location, items such as stove/oven units and more have been  incorporated into the new infrastructure of the Roloff Center.


The soon-to-be home of our Commission on Aging administrative offices has been coming together beautifully as well.  Throughout the transition from classrooms to offices,
the large majority of this work has been by our own staff and maintenance team...

the refreshed and upgraded Commissioners' Room has been in use for some time as well...

During various stages of pandemic response, the facility was also used for other needed services, starting with covid testing clinics, transitioning into a vaccination location, and more recently, temporary circuit court rooms for jury selections.
enter and exitvacc area towards recon with stainless center and service cart and exterior door to the rightwaiting area from registration towards vaccvacc out towards rest area