Hazardous Waste Events



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The Household Hazardous Waste events occur twice each year, June and September.  The items and locations vary each season and details are updated here closer to the dates of each event.  Some fees may be added depending on grant funding availability and vendor requirements..  Registration begins approximately two weeks prior to each event.  Registration is required and assists with keeping the event flowing as smoothly as possible.  For more information, or to register for the next HHW event, please contact the Charlevoix County Recycling at 231-547-7221.  Thank you!

The Next HHW Event:  

September 2019


(Exact Location is released during registration)

Charlevoix County Recycling Department:  231-547-7221

**Appointments will be Honored** - If you call after registration times, and show up without an appointment, please be prepared to wait as registered drop off times will be honored first.  Busiest times are during the first hour of each day.  Best time to "show up" is during the last hour of each day (7pm Friday and 12pm Saturday). 


This event is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We will be checking appointments upon arrival.  For questions, location details and appointments, please contact the Charlevoix County Recycling Department at 231-547-7221

Common HHW Items
These items may vary at each event, and lists are dependant upon funding acquired & vendor fees. Please CLICK HERE for a key list of common items that will be accepted. Any additional questions, please contact the Charlevoix County Recycling office for more details:  231-547-7221.   

Common HHW Items:  Household cleaners, pesticides, used motor oil, batteries, florescent bulbs, motor oil, paints     ($1/can - latex only), mercury, labeled medicines (Pill Pod).

Electronics are also taken and typically do not include a fee, however some events may charge per TV. 
Electronics:  Appliances, computer, TV's, cameras, phones, gaming systems, printers, VCR's, radios, etc. 

HHW Events & How They Work


Hazardous Waste Events run the smoothest when the items in your car are placed in the order they will be removed.  This information, along with HHW event dates and location directions, is shared via press releases, newspaper ads, online and on flyers placed throughout the community that are released closer to the date of each event.  Or, residents may also contact the Charlevoix County Recycling Department at 231-547-7221.  



 HHW events occur twice per year, Spring and Fall, typically June and September.  

LOCATION:  Exact locations and directions are not released until two weeks prior to the date of each event.  Unfortunately, early release of the location causes early drop off's.  This provides a challenge to the County Recycling Program, as participating vendors bring semi-tractor trailors to the event to transport the recycleables.  Early drop off's create delays and can often incur extra fees to the program.  Please register for a time slot to assist with a smooth event. 

REGISTRATION:  Two weeks prior to the Spring and Fall HHW event, participants are required to contact the Charlevoix County Recycling Department to register for a time slot.  This registration process prevents residents from showing up too early, or at the same time, thereby increasing traffic delays.  Time slots ensure a more smooth operation and we appreciate everyone's understanding and cooperation.  Please be patient when calling as phone lines may be tied up with the influx of calls.  If you reach our machine, leave only your name and phone number.  We will call you back.  Or you may continue to try until you are able to get through.  We appreciate your patience very much!  

CONTACT:  The Charlevoix County Recycling office, 231-547-7221.