Frequently Asked Questions: Inventory

What goes on the Inventory?

An inventory contains all of the estate's assets and liabilities valued at the date of death (for estates) or date of qualification of the conservator (for conservatorships). The gross estate fee, for a deceased estate, will be calculated from the inventory form.

How do I calculate the gross estate fee from the Inventory form?

All you need to do is present the inventory to the probate counter and a staff member will calculate the fee for you. Or, you may call the Probate Court at (231)547-7214 and a staff member will calculate the inventory fee for you. We also offer an inventory calculator on our webpage, which may be accessed here.

Do I have to file an Inventory or just show it?

The filing of an inventory is only required for supervised estates or conservatorships. It must be shown to the court on unsupervised estates, but it does not need to be filed.  However, the court will accept the Inventory for filing on unsupervised estates, if the personal representative requests.