Mission Statement:
The S.T.A.R.S. Team will promote substance abuse recovery by providing strength based services, intensive supervision, and enhanced accountability, empowering participants to become community contributors.

What is Juvenile Drug Treatment Court?

The Charlevoix County Juvenile Drug Treatment Court program is an intervention program designed to assist and support juveniles who are on probation and are having difficulty staying sober. The goal is to provide a variety of resources, programs, and consistent supervision aimed toward supporting and helping the youth maintain a drug free life. It involves frequent court appearances, regular drug and alcohol testing, positive extra-curricular activities, individual, group and/or family counseling, and other innovative approaches.

The Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Team:

  • The Honorable Valerie K. Snyder
  • Tim Smith - Court Administrator
  • Shannon Dolan - Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Coordinator
  • Kerry Zahner - Prosecuting Attorney
  • Sarah Latcham - Defense Attorney
  • Bill Carter - Harbor Hall
  • Nina Martenson - Community Mental Health
  • Katharine Hawes - Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Probation Officer
  • Todd Russell - Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Probation Officer
  • Dr. WIlliam Wadland - Doctor