90th District Court

301 State St.
Charlevoix, MI 49720

Phone: (231) 547-7227
Fax: (231) 547-7253

HOURS: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday


          District Court Judge
The Hon. Angela J. Lasher

District Court Staff

District Court Administrator/Magistrate: H. Dean Viles

District Court Attorney Magistrate: Katrina D. Martin

District Court Phone Numbers:

Traffic Division / Main: (231) 547-7227   For a Schedule of common Civil Infraction fines and costs please click here.

Criminal Division: (231) 547-7227

Civil Division: (231) 547-7254

Probation Department: (231) 547-7224

About District Court

The District Court is often called the people’s court. More people have contact with the district court than any other court. The District Court handles most traffic violations, all civil cases with claims up to $25,000, landlord-tenant matters, most traffic tickets, and all misdemeanor criminal cases (generally, cases where the accused, if found guilty, cannot be sentenced to more than one year in jail). In addition, small claims cases are heard by a division of the district court. There are approximately 100 district courts in Michigan.

District court judges are elected for six-year terms.

ADA Coordinator: H. Dean Viles

Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities

Link to Language Access at:  http://courts.mi.gov/self-help/interpreter/pages/default.aspx

Link to Michigan Legal Help at: http://www.michiganlegalhelp.org

Additional Court information: http://courts.mi.gov/Pages/default.aspx

State Administrative Office Approved Forms:


For any questions regarding Community Corrections please contact: (231) 547-7269

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