Little Traverse Wheelway

The Little Traverse Wheelway (LTW) is a 26 mile, non-motorized paved trail that extends from Charlevoix to Harbor Springs.  It was officially dedicated to the people of the State of Michigan on October 24, 2002.  The Charlevoix County segment of this trail is approximately 9 miles long and runs along the north side of US-31 from Charlevoix to the Emmet County line at Bay Shore.  This trail offers a unique boardwalk bridging a wetland area rich with wildlife, and direct water access at several points along the Lake Michigan shoreline, including two (2) MDOT roadside parks that are perfect for a picnic or scenic resting spot.

Trail users may bike, skate, ski, walk, or run (pick your favorite sport for any season) on the trail.  However, snowmobiles and horses are NOT permitted anywhere on the trail.

LTW Photo Collage
              Summer views along the LTW

Donated Bench 09-15-16
                        Scenic resting spot

Trail Maps

Trail Map of the Charlevoix County segment of the Little Traverse Wheelway
Trail Map of the entire Little Traverse Wheelway

Charlevoix Trailhead
In Charlevoix, the trailhead is located at the Charlevoix Township Hall at 12491 Waller Road.  Trail users will find parking, restrooms and safe trail access here.  The first mile of the trail (from the trailhead east to US-31) shares the right-of-way along Waller Road (shoulder is extended and paved).

At the Waller Road/US-31 intersection, you will proceed northeast and will pass the Charlevoix Community Pool and the Charlevoix Country Club.  Shortly thereafter, you will reach the boardwalk that bridges a wetland area.

LTW Trailhead at Charlevoix Township Hall
         Trailhead at Charlevoix Township Hall

Boardwalk Information
The boardwalk is approximately 1/2 mile long and was established to protect the wetland ecosystem in the area.  Keep your eyes open for deer and other wetland wildlife!

LTW Boardwalk Collage
                         Boardwalk Scenes

Big Rock Point Restoration Project
Big Rock Point, for many years easy to spot by its unique green sphere and red and white striped tower, was a nuclear power plant operated by Consumers Energy from 1962 to 1997.  It was located between Charlevoix and Bay Shore along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  The plant closed in 1997 at which time Consumers Energy began a decommissioning process (Big Rock Point Restoration Project) to dismantle the facilities and return the site to green space.

LTW Big Rock Point Restoration Project
                             Big Rock Point

MDOT Roadside Park
The Little Traverse Wheelway runs through two MDOT roadside parks between Charlevoix and Bay Shore.  These parks are perfect for picnics and scenic walks on the beach!

LTW - MDOT Roadside Park Picnic Area
                      MDOT Roadside Park