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Workers Compensation

I just sustained an injury at work, or had a "potential" injury incident occur, what do I do?

notify your supervisor immediately, EVEN if you do not wish to seek medical attention at this time. 
You will need to complete 3 forms, click here to be taken to the documents

These forms MUST be sent to the Administrator / Human Resources Department immediately upon completion.
Forms completed by a doctor, or at an E.R., will NOT suffice as your filing forms and your claim will NOT be opened by having their forms submitted at the time of visit.  If you do NOT complete the appropriate forms provided here and are not submitted by Charlevoix County, your claims will not be paid as there will be no open case/file of the incident with our workers comp carrier. 

Report ANY slip, fall, cut, or other similar incident (even if you feel "fine right now") so that there is a record later should something develope.  "No record, no proof..."

Where Do I Go?
Approved Facilities

For injuries and illness caused by (or during the course of) your work with Charlevoix County, you MUST visit one of these occupational approved facilities.  DO NOT go to your own doctor or another facility you have chosen, going to any other facility may result in your case not being covered, this INCLUDES your primary care physician! Below you will find the two closest state approved "occupational health clinics and hospitals", after our employer PREFERRED facility, which is:

Quick Care Urgent Care & Family Practice (2 locations)

 Boyne City: 1249 M-75
 Petoskey: 116 W Mitchell Rd

Charlevoix Area Hospital E.R., Charlevoix
(Do NOT visit the E.R. when Quick Care will suffice simply because the E.R. is closer.  This does NOT make it the appropriate location, it must be medically necessary over a Quick or Urgent care facility.)

Petoskey Occupational Health Urgent Care, 1890 S. US131 Suite 4, Petoskey

Click Here for the Complete List of Approved Facilities (INCLUDING Gaylord and Traverse City)

Workers Compensation
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first thing I need to understand?

Worker’s “Comp” covers medical expenses incurred, as well as a percentage compensation for loss of wages incurred, due to the work related injury or illness.

If it happened at work, it's covered, right?
Not necessarily.  Workers Compensation covers "work related" injuries.  There may be times that illnesses or issues occur that are not directly caused by the task being performed, or the situation in which you are working.  These incidents may not be covered, and all reports will be reviewed and determinations will be made soley by our Workers Compensation carrier.  These decision are NOT made by Charlevoix County or its staff/officials.

I still have unused vacation and sick time accrued, and I have a Worker’s Comp situation. What will happen with my balances when I take my leave, and what about my wages?
While out due to a work related injury or illness, you will NOT have to decrease your sick time or vacation time, even if you have it accrued.  However, if you are off work on Worker’s Comp, you will not accrue any new sick time hours. Injured workers must wait seven days before receiving Workers Comp for wage loss.  If the worker remains disabled for two weeks after the injury occurs, he or she can collect payment for those days after the injury occurred for which payment was not received. If you chose to take sick or vacation pay in addition to Workers Comp, that will reduce your balances accordingly.

What happens if I am injured or become ill due to a workplace or work related event?
These events MUST be reported to your supervisor and a form completed, even if you do not wish to seek treatment or feel there is going to be any issues. “Down the road” is an all too frequent time frame for things to then become an issue. IE: You cut your finger on a metal shelf, but put a bandaid on it and think “it’s no big deal” and don’t mention it. Two weeks later, it becomes infected and you need treatment. Because there was no report of it, there is no proof of it occurring at work, and therefore you can be responsible for all cost incurred as well as time off for treatment using your sick-time bank. REPORT any injury no matter how small.

I go to the doctor after filing the report with my supervisor (either immediately or at a later date), now what?
Be sure to let them know during ADMITTING that you are there due to a work related injury or illness. This will affect how they file insurance on your behalf. ASK for copies of any and all test results, determinations, and proof of visit. Be sure to ask for a doctor’s slip either verifying you are free to return to work, or imposing work restriction. These will be needed for your Worker’s Comp claim with the County AND the insurance carrier.  Each time you go to the doctor, rehab, or other related appointments, be sure to collect the same documents and submit to the county’s HR department for our files, and also for convenience in submitting to our Worker’s Comp carrier should they need new copies or more information.

Is there a specific amount of time in which my qualifying event/issue must be resolved within?
No, medical issues are case by case scenarios, and Charlevoix County works with its employees to find resolution to each situation on an individualized basis.

What else do I need to remember?
Do NOT pay bills received in the mail for services in conjunction with a Worker’s Comp claim, they must be submitted to the insurance company for paymentYou will most likely have personal contact with a Worker’s Comp representative handling your caseCharlevoix County’s HR department will make initial communication with Worker’s Comp by submitting accident report, submitting initial bills you may have at the time, and other steps to start the processIf you have payroll deductions, such as insurance or child support, you will need to cover those costs by paying the County Clerk’s office personally.